Released on April 28th on Universal Music.
(photos of all entries upon request)

Will the UK be unceremoniously turfed out of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest once Article 50 does whatever it’s supposed to do? Who knows. So better soak up this year’s preposterathon in case it’s our last.

With Russia involved in a ‘will they, won’t they perform’ politically charged furore and Spain surrounded by accusations of rigging to get their pretty-boy entry the gig, Eurovision once again has tongues wagging and fingers getting ready to invade social media.

In usual ‘No-shit Sherlock’ style, Lucie Jones, the UK’s entry, has dire odds of winning (everyone hates us) – although not as bad as the host Ukraine who clearly threw in a stinker just in case they won and have to host it again next year.

Romania have their yodelling but it seems if you want to get ahead, get a dancing gorilla which is what Italy’s entry threw into the pot, making them this year’s favourite to win at the final on May 13th.

So as Twitter gets ready to go into its annual Eurovision meltdown, Universal music present the “Eurovision Song Contest 2017” album. The album features all entrants to the competition – whether they make the final or not (full tracklisting below). Digitally released on April 21st with physical 2CD set released on April 28th. A DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on June 23. Available to pre-order now at: https://Eurovision.lnk.to/2017PR

200 million viewers make the Eurovision Song Contest the world’s biggest TV Music show of the year. But it is much more than just a show, and millions of people listen to the music all through the year (are they mad?).

Now the serious bit….
The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 will be hosted in Ukraine in the city of Kyiv. Kyiv fought off strong competition from Odesa and Dnipro to host the Eurovision Song Contest following the Ukranian entry Jamala’s win in Sweden last year with her song 1944
Ukraine has a proud history when it comes to the Eurovision Family of Events. Kyiv last hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 after Ruslana won with Wild Dances the year before. In addition to this, Ukraine also played host to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in both 2009 and 2013.

Europe continues to face challenging times and that is also true of the world of broadcasting in general. The way in which people watch television and engage with broadcasting is changing. People rarely make a date with the TV set, instead, many prefer to watch on catch-up, on tablets and smartphones.

Yet, the Eurovision Song Contest remains an event in which the live moment matters. Each year, for one night only, dozens of countries join together, and through a shared love of music, they set a date to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live. The competition embraces variety each year as it travels to different host countries. In the spirit of this tradition, which is now enjoying its seventh decade as an entertainment format, all are invited to embrace the event and celebrate its diversity.

Celebrate Diversity is the central message for this year’s event and is complimented by a creative logo design based around a traditional Ukrainian bead necklace known as Namysto. More than just a piece of jewellery, Namysto is a protective amulet and a symbol of beauty and health. It is made up of many different beads, each with its own design and celebrates both diversity and individuality.

1ST Semi Final: 9th of May (Tuesday)
2ND Semi Final: 11th of May (Thursday)
Grand Final: 13th of May (Saturday)


CD 1:
World - Eurovision 2017 - Albania
Artist: Lindita
Fly With Me - Eurovision 2017 - Armenia
Artist: Artsvik
Don't Come Easy - Eurovision 2017 - Australia
Artist: Isaiah
Running on Air - Eurovision 2017 - Austria
Artist: Nathan Trent
Skeletons - Eurovision 2017 - Azerbaijan
Artist: DiHaj
City Lights - Eurovision 2017 - Belgium
Artist: Blanche
Beautiful Mess - Eurovision 2017 - Bulgaria
Artist: Kristian Kostov
Story Of My Life - Eurovision 2017 - Belarus
Artist: Naviband
Apollo - Eurovision 2017 - Switzerland
Artist: Timebelle
Gravity - Eurovision 2017 - Cyprus
Artist: Hovig
My Turn - Eurovision 2017 - Czech Republic
Artist: Martina Bárta
Perfect Life - Eurovision 2017 - Germany
Artist: LEVINA
Where I Am - Eurovision 2017 - Denmark
Artist: Anja Nissen
Do It For Your Lover - Eurovision 2017 - Spain
Artist: Manel Navarro
Verona - Eurovision 2017 - Estonia
Artist: Koit Toome And Laura
Blackbird - Eurovision 2017 - Finland
Artist: Norma John
Requiem - Eurovision 2017 - France
Artist: Alma
Never Give Up On You - Eurovision 2017 - United Kingdom
Artist: Lucie Jones
Keep The Faith - Eurovision 2017 - Georgia
Artist: Tamara Gachechiladze
This Is Love - Eurovision 2017 - Greece
Artist: Demy
My Friend - Eurovision 2017 - Croatia
Artist: Jacques Houdek
Origo - Eurovision 2017 - Hungary
Artist: Joci Pápai

CD 2:
Dying To Try - Eurovision 2017 - Ireland
Artist: Brendan Murray
Paper - Eurovision 2017 - Iceland
Artist: Svala
I Feel Alive - Eurovision 2017 - Israel
Artist: Imri
Occidentali's Karma - Eurovision 2017 - Italy
Artist: Francesco Gabbani
Rain Of Revolution - Eurovision 2017 - Lithuania
Artist: Fusedmarc
Line - Eurovision 2017 - Latvia
Artist: Triana Park
Hey Mamma - Eurovision 2017 - Moldova
Artist: Sunstroke Project
Dance Alone - Eurovision 2017 - F.Y.R. Macedonia
Artist: Jana Burčeska
Breathlessly - Eurovision 2017 - Malta
Artist: Claudia Faniello
Space - Eurovision 2017 - Montenegro
Artist: Slavko Kalezić
Lights And Shadows - Eurovision 2017 - The Netherlands
Artist: OG3NE
Grab The Moment - Eurovision 2017 - Norway
Artist: JOWST
Flashlight - Eurovision 2017 - Poland
Artist: Kasia Mos
Amar Pelos Dois - Eurovision 2017 - Portugal
Artist: Salvador Sobral
Yodel it! - Eurovision 2017 - Romania
Artist: Ilinca
Featuring Alex Florea
Flame Is Burning - Eurovision 2017 - Russia
Artist: Julia Samoylova
Spirit Of The Night - Eurovision 2017 - San Marino
Artist: Valentina Monetta
Jimmie Wilson
In Too Deep - Eurovision 2017 - Serbia
Artist: Tijana Bogićević
On My Way - Eurovision 2017 - Slovenia
Artist: Omar Naber
I Can´t Go On - Eurovision 2017 - Sweden
Artist: Robin Bengtsson
Time - Eurovision 2017 - Ukraine
Artist: O.Torvald

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