Online slots are often themed to keep the games interesting. Aside from the old-style AWP fruit machine games, most slots have a strong theme running through their name, graphics and in-game features, designed to keep you spinning (and, hopefully, winning) for longer. Pop culture references in particular are a proven winner amongst slot fans, with TV and film franchises regularly licensed out to new online slots games.

It’s perhaps not a surprise that rock music should follow suit. There are rock music titles offered by most of the world’s top slots game developers, with specific bands providing a tried and tested backdrop to slots play. Here are our top 7 rock n’ roll slots, ideal for rock music fans and general slot enthusiasts alike.


Motorhead are the human form of purest rock. A hugely influential band in their genre, and music more widely, Lemmy and the gang are famed the world over for their uncompromising refrains and fast, sharp riffs. If rock music and slots themes go hand in hand, then Motorhead fits their video slot from NetEnt like a hand in a glove.

This 5 reel slot stacks in 76 fixed paylines, plus a couple of bonus features to keep you spinning. But with a Motorhead soundtrack, and plenty of iconic symbols in tribute to the band, there’s so much more to be enjoyed than merely decent wins.


Gene Simmons is notoriously commercial, in large part single-handedly responsible for transforming KISS into one of the most widely licensed bands in history. Aside from the action figures, lunch boxes and condoms, KISS have also leant their name and image to a series of slots games.

The symbols are suitably KISS-tastic, ranging from the Love Gun that triggers the bonus round, through to more common symbols like the Space Ace, Starchild and Demon. Fans of the band will enjoy this, for sure, but so too will anyone who wants to try out a slots game that’s as enjoyable for its kitsch value as for its payouts.

Jimi Hendrix

Few musicians can claim to have had as influential a role in shaping music history as Jimi Hendrix. The guitar-toting legend remains widely regarded as the best guitarist ever to have lived, and the slots game in his honour draws on these themes. This NetEnt slot features visuals and graphics from an iconic music career, not to mention a soundtrack that draws exclusively on the Hendrix back catalogue.

The symbols throughout the game of guitars, Jimi himself, hippy flowers, peace symbols and records make for a psychedelic experience. But it’s also a pretty decent payer too, so there’s something for everyone - even if you’re not a huge Hendrix fan.

Dolly Parton

OK, so she’s not exactly rock and roll, but Dolly Parton even has her own slot. Say what you like about Dolly - she sure is entrepreneurial. This is evident in the hands-on approach she has taken to licensing and promoting her own slots games. There are a series of titles, based on her most famous songs, including 9-to-5 and Jolene.

Each of the games features videos of Dolly herself in concert, usually at appropriate moments - a sweet sight when you’re picking up a decent win, particularly if you’re a fan of the music. She might not be as hardcore as the others on the list, but Dolly gets an honourable mention for fully embracing the concept of her slots.

Guns N’Roses

Axl Rose has a bit of a reputation for being a volatile performer. Thankfully for slots fans, the game of the same name doesn’t seem to be quite as unpredictable. Guns N’Roses video slot is another NetEnt offering that aims to get rock fans banging their heads along to those famous refrains. Welcome to the Jungle, Back in Black, Sweet Child - they are all rock classics in their own right. And all can be found running throughout this slots title.

Slash, guitar picks, records and Axl in different poses make up the bulk of the feature symbols in this 5 reel, 25 payline game. The game itself is pretty basic, but the wins available are anything but - particularly once the bonus round cranks into full gear.

ZZ Top

ZZ Top aren’t quite on the same level in terms of profile and international fame as many of these other slots titles. In fact, the band is still regularly touring around the world, so this somewhat gaudy slots game is perhaps a little at odds with their image. There’s more than a little tongue-in-cheek element to this slot, no doubt at the heart of its appeal. From the overgrown beards to song references, live footage and other tributes to the band, like the Legs bonus and the Sharp Dressed Man, you’ll get a good laugh, as well as some decent earning spins, from this slot.

Rolling Stones

Arguably the most definitive rock and roll band in history, the Rolling Stones are still going strong, over 50 years since their first foray into the music world. It should come as no surprise that they are also featured in a slots game. The tongue and lips are the wild symbol (naturally), and the game is packed with video footage of the Stones doing their thing, live in concert.

The band member bonus is a cool feature too, with each iconic figure in the band depicted in their own symbols throughout the game adding an extra element for fans. Even if you’re not massively into the Rolling Stones, it’s well worth taking this rock n’ roll slot classic for a spin.