The 70-year-old Welsh crooner – who was good friends with the ‘Now or Never’ hitmaker until his death in 1977 – was once in Las Vegas when the legendary singer couldn’t wait to sing a song to him, even though he was naked at the time.

Tom revealed: “He came with a song one time that he’d heard and he felt it would be a good song for me, and so he couldn’t wait for me to... I came off the stage and I said ‘Elvis, hang on I’ve got to get in the shower.’

“So, I’m in the shower and I hear him singing. I thought I was going mad but I looked up and he was leaning over the shower door singing this song to me.”

He also confessed he saw Elvis naked when the event occurred.

When asked if he has seen The King in the nude, he joked to Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd: “Partly, yes, because he was using the bathroom when came into my...”

Tom recently confessed his wife of 53 years Linda was his harshest critic about his music.

He said: “She's my wife and my critic. I always run my new music past her and she's always brutally honest.

"When I played her 'Mr. Jones', the album I did with Wyclef Jean in 2002, she said 'It doesn't sound like you. Who are you aiming it at?' "