The former Oasis rocker - who hails from Manchester, northern England - confirmed he will attend the comedian's last few nights of freedom before he ties the knot with Katy Perry but doesn't yet know what's happening.

He told Talksport radio: "I'll be the token northerner. I have no idea who is going. I imagine me and him, his mate Matt, all the people that work for him and his comedian mates."

However, Noel denied reports he would be Russell's best man when the couple wed later this year.

It seems Noel could be enjoying a Robin Hood-style stag party as Russell recently revealed he and his friends will be the "merry men" at the bash, which is held to mark the end of a man's single status.

He explained: "I'll do adventurous things and activities. My friend who is my best man says we're going to go white-water rafting and shoot arrows.

"We'll be like merry men. Perhaps we'll become outlaws, bandits for a while."

Russell has previously admitted he had been asking Noel - who is expecting his second child with partner Sara MacDonald - for tips on how to keep his wife-to-be happy.

He revealed: "I asked Noel how to get by in a relationship and he said, 'Just say yes to everything they say.' It works, I've been using that system and it's working well."