Katherine Jackson spoke frankly about her late son’s obsession with changing his looks, saying he first turned to plastic surgery because he didn’t want skin condition Vitiligo to leave him 'like a spotted cow’ in a frank interview on US TV show ‘Oprah’ show yesterday (08.11.10).

Katherine told host Oprah Winfrey: "He didn't want to start looking 'like a spotted cow,' he said. I don't know what in the world he did to change that, but he did.”

Michael is reputed to have undergone a range of surgical procedures, including repeated Rhinoplasty, and, after being diagnosed with Lupus and Vitiligo, a number of treatments for his sensitive skin, which led to it lightening in colour.

In 1993 Michael claimed to have only undergone two cosmetic procedures in his life, something Katherine denied.

She continued: "He had more than two, he was just embarrassed. I hear that people get addicted to plastic surgery, and I think that's what happened to him. I said, that's enough."

Later Katherine was joined in interview by Michael’s father, Joe, whom she pushed to admit that he had beat Michael and their other nine children as they grew up.

When Oprah asked Joe about how he punished his children, he started to deny it, before Katherine interjected, saying: “You might as well admit it, that's the way black people raised their children. He used a strap."

Joe defended himself, however, adding: “I don't regret the beatings. It kept them out of jail and kept them right."
Katherine also talked about Michael’s struggle with prescription drugs, and how she felt when she heard the news of his death on June 25 last year, from acute Propofol intoxication, for which his person physician Dr. Conrad Murray faces charges of involuntary manslaughter.

She said: "I spoke to Michael about drugs once, when I had heard it and he denied it. I was telling him I didn't want to one day hear that he had overdosed because it would break my heart.

“He kept saying, 'My own mother don't believe me. Part of me wanted to believe him, but I didn't believe him."

Of Michael’s passing she said: "It was the worst day of my life. My heart dropped. I kind of felt it, but I was wishing that it wouldn't be.
“I can't accuse Dr. Murray of murder, I don't know if it was accidentally done or it was intentionally done. I don't want to get into that, but I have my thoughts. I don't think I'll ever, ever be healed. It hurts.”