Jimmy Buffett has sent fans a video message from Sydney to let them know that he is bruised but okay and mending after his fall in concert this week.

“I just wanted to check in and say thankyou for all of your notes and things. I was overwhelmed that so many people were concerned about my wellbeing,” he says.

Buffett was knocked unconscious when he misjudged the edge of the stage at his final concert in Sydney on Wednesday night. “I’m on the mend. Unfortunately, we can’t do the show in Auckland. I’m not quite up to it as you can tell but we will be back. For all of my fans in Kiwiland, don’t worry,” he said”.

Instead of another date in New Zealand, Jimmy has to head home and heal. “We’ve had such a wonderful time in Australia and I was really looking forward to Auckland, not only for the show but I was going fishing and surfing. Now I’ve got to go home and heal up”.

He expects to resume work for his next scheduled dates in April.

VIDEO: Jimmy Buffett's video message from Sydney: