Bob Weston, the guitarist for Fleetwood Mac in the early-70's, has passed away at the age of 64. Police found his body on Tuesday after neighbors had called, alarmed that they had not seen him. A subsequent investigation revealed that there was no fowl play and an autopsy showed a gastric intestinal hemorrhage, cirrhosis of the liver and throat problems.

A person identified as Steve wrote the falling on Weston's official site:

Bob Weston 1947-2012

It is with great pain that I must announce that Bob Weston has died. He was found dead at home in his London flat in the evening of the 3rd January, by police making a forced entry. Local friends had become concerned at the lack of response, having not seen him for a couple of days. Cause of death has been attributed to a gastrointestinal haemorrhage. He was found in his bed with the TV on; it is presumed he was asleep and didn't suffer...

I spoke to Bob just a few days before Xmas; we had discussed him spending Xmas with us, but he had some gigs to do in London. Instead we made plans for a visit early in the New Year. He was in fine spirits, and was involved in several new projects. He also seemed to be very fit...

My family and I have lost a dear friend; the world has lost an enormously talented musician, with unfinished business...


Weston started as a violin player but was inspired by American blues greats to pick up the guitar. He played in a number of minor bands before joining up with Long John Baldry, playing on cuts from his Everything Stops for Tea album and going out on tour. It was during one of those tours that Baldry was opening for Fleetwood Mac and Weston became friends with members of the group.

In 1972, Mac was looking to replace troubled guitarist Danny Kirwin and the band hired Weston. Bob was with the band for the recording of the albums Penguin and Mystery to Me and went out on tour to support both LPs. It was during the latter tour that Weston and Mick Fleetwood began to have personal problems and, before the trek was over, Bob was fired from the group.

Post Fleetwood Mac, Weston played on albums for numerous artists including Murray Head, Sandy Denny, Robbie Patton and Bob Welch. He also released there solo albums, Night Light (1980), Studio Picks (1981) and There's a Heaven (1999).

Weston is survived by a younger brother, Peter.