Not content with fingering the fret-board of his bass guitar for Feeder, one of Britain’s biggest rock bands, Taka Hirose’s digits are clearly in other pies too. Taka’s website ‘Cook Me Japanese’ differs from ordinary Japanese food recipe books as he offers you his own take on “everyday simple Japanese food that you can make cheaply and easily”. Forget standing in a foreign supermarket feeling lost, is the perfect way to create your favourite restaurant dish in the comfort of your own home.

From basic to more adventurous Japanese food, Chicken Katsu to Turkey and Tofu meatballs, Taka has provided for everyone needing to widen their Japanese cooking skills. With no strict measurements in the recipes given, acts as guidance to find your own way of creating mouth watering Japanese dishes, with photos taken by Taka himself to show how it’s done.

‘Cook Me Japanese’ is a website that provides an oriental experience for those who want to try something new. Taka provides his own personal soundtrack (via an embedded Spotify player) from the likes of Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and Kool & the Gang – funk is the special ingredient in Taka’s food.

British rock institution Feeder return with ‘Generation Freakshow’ - their 8th studio album on April 23rd. Classic Feeder with an updated twist, the album is twelve tracks of masterfully-crafted, fresh sounding strong songs, drawing from metal, grunge, punk and classic rock - absorbed and melded together as unmistakably Feeder.