Of all the performances that came out of last weekend's Coachella Festival, the most talked about was probably that of the late-Tupac Shakur. The rapper was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996 and, to appear on the festival stage, a complex hologram was assembled at a reported cost of between $100,000 and $400,000.

According to reports in Britain's Sun and at E! Online, the Jacksons want to commission a similar hologram of their late-brother Michael to take with them on their upcoming tour.

Brother Jackie told E! "It could have been Michael — absolutely. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As a matter of fact, we had that idea two years ago for Michael’s Cirque du Soleil show."

It's unknown whether it would really be possible to put together such a complex project by the start of the Jacksons' Unity Tour on June 18 in Louisville, KY.