Eels didn’t make the movie ‘This Is 40’ because the scene ended up on “the cutting room floor”. (Does that term even apply now that everything is digital?)

Mark Everett aka E from Eels is seen performing ‘What I Have To Offer’ in the deleted scene. He is meeting with indie record label owner Pete (Paul Rudd) to discuss signing with the label but then decides to go with Warner inside because “Pete is fucking Eels”.

E shouldn’t feel too bad about being cut out of the movie. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong also had his scene cut.

‘This Is 40’ is the sequel to 2007’s ‘Knocked Up’.

‘What I Have To Offer’ was originally released on Eels 2010 album ‘Tomorrow Morning’. Eels new album ‘Wonderful, Glorious’ will be released in February.

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