A class apart, the amazing Rebecca Ferguson releases her brand new album “Freedom” on RCA Records on December 2.

The album follows her million selling debut “Heaven”, which launched Ferguson in a blaze of critical acclaim in 2011. The album went double platinum in the UK and entered the Billboard charts at No 23.

As with "Heaven", Rebecca co-wrote the entirety of her new album, working mainly with new collaborators including Jarrad Rogers, with whom she wrote 5 tracks. As well as Jarrad, she also worked with Mr. Hudson, Matt Hales, Toby Gad and TMS, and regular collaborator Eg White.

The full track listing will be announced shortly, plus details of the single which will precede the album on November 24.

Rebecca said today; “Since the release of ‘Heaven’, so much has changed in my life. I feel like I’ve learned more in the past two years than in the rest of my life put together and this is reflected in the music on this record. I’ve put my heart and soul into it. If it’s passionate, vulnerable, soulful and raw that’s because everything I’ve gone through when making the record has driven the music and lyrics. I’m not someone who can just go into a studio at any time and just create – I need drama and passion. If the first album was a collection of great songs, this new album is more of a coherent statement. I’m excited again! ”.