is proud to host the exclusive world video premiere of Tripped by Koiya.

In our music, we love to conjure a darkly beautiful other-world where people can lose themselves. We’re excited at how well Tripped does this.

Emma took the lead on this track. She sent Dru and me a rough recording which stopped us dead in our tracks. We were speechless. Even on our crappy phone speaker, Emma’s intensely haunting acapella gave us goosebumps. We just looked at each other smiling and nodding. Knowing this was going to be special, we jumped in the car and went straight to the studio.

With Tripped, we went for rich, ethereal harmonies and an epic sonic quality that was both organic and bruising at the same time. It took ages to nail it and the track went through various shapes and forms before settling into the moody beast it is today.

Lyrically, the song explores cycles of life: birth, growth, decay and death. Rather than being morbid, there can be beauty in death which so often is the start of something new.

Oddbox Media (the filmmakers) are a group of creatives we have respected for a long time. They always seem to get the vibe instantly; then they take it even further than we'd imagined.

They really smashed it with this video. It’s a quirky, shadowy and gorgeous piece of motion art that captures the soul of Tripped perfectly.

We hope you enjoy the music and video.

(A quick bit of trivia for the music heads: ‘Tripped’ got the title from its triplet rhythm, not any drug-induced mind-travel.)