Like the X Factor, Britain's Got Talent is not the platform great musical talent is expected to be found. Even more of an entertainment show than its autumn rival, BGT seems high on the cheese and low-bro. Strange then that this year's runner-up is a strong proponent of opera.

While artists like Lucy Kay have appeared before - sopranos bringing classical music to the masses - there is a refreshing honesty about this singer from Leicester.

This week she's released her debut album Fantasia - after signing a multi-album deal with Sony Classical.

Just after the album hit the shops - Music News caught up with Lucy in a busy London office, where she was enjoying, in theory, a day off.

Here she talks about her BGT experience, why the album features the tracks it does - and her experiences of being bullied. She's now a strong campaigner for charities that help victims of bullying and talks passionately about how tough it was.