In Turkey Gaye Su Akyol is one of the sensations of the age. This album shows just why she is so highly rated in Turkey and in the many other countries where World Music has a grip. She is simply magnificent.

She has a voice that drips with emotion but none of the over the top styling that is often dealt by lesser artistes. The only real way to describe her is as a vocal hypnotist. Her songs grab your attention and take you on a journey of discovery.
Musically she has elements of western rock coupled with eastern themes, even touching on metal and surf at times and the overall effect is positively cinematic – great aural landscapes punctuated by a wondrous narration.

The rhythms are the rhythms of the Middle East; sinuous and fluid with tiny little ear-grabbers in the background to move you on to changes. But there are Greek elements and western dissonances as well and the result is fascinating and deeply immersive. This is almost impossible not to dance to but at the same time it takes itself into your very soul.

Coming from Istanbul, Akyol says “It’s a cliché, but the city is a bridge that combines cultures, but that is very true in music, especially the Greek influence. When I was young we visited every year. I had the chance to observe and realise the different perspectives and practices of culture. That made me feel closer to the diversity in Anatolian civilisation”.

You can hear the culture clashes and mergers in her music but the bottom line is that she makes you want to listen and makes the journey worthwhile.