Adelaide's Dino Jag's latest EP Breakthrough is a light-hearted musing on the timeline of a romance. The singer's lyrics are of a man with stars in his eyes. Nary a mention of quarrel, Dino Jag's in love and he wants everyone to know it. The light disco-tinged funk places it firmly in Maroon 5's corner of adult contemporary power pop. He is joined by a who's who of session players who back the likes of The Rolling Stones (Bernard Fowler), Springsteen (Tim Pierce), Bush (Corey Britz) and John Mayer (Aaron Sterling) as well as all-star producer Jeff Bova. This breezy album plays like a drive up to Malibu with the top down and your babe by your side.

Opener 'Two Young Hearts' has that blend of thoughtful acoustic guitar and quasi-symphonics that gave Train a smash hit song fifteen years ago (Geez, has it been that long?). Dino Jag's song about second chances could be a feel-good hit of the summer on the adult contemporary stations. 'Nothing but You' has a little more edge and groove with the slinky style of the Black Crows. The piano led 'My Life is Changed' is the sentimental pinnacle of the album pulling out all the enamored cliches.

New single 'You Make Me Feel So Good' brings new vibes into the fray creating an oddly perfect fusion of backcountry mandolin and disco-funk. The creative collusion makes this track the album's standout.

You may have a toothache by the end of this EP from the overdose of sweet nothings. Breakthrough is immaculately produced pop. Dino Jag perfectly executes his ode to love. I just can't say that it's very interesting.