Collabro shot to fame on Britain's Got Talent just under three years ago. Since then they have had a rollercoaster ride - from chart highs to personal lows with the departure of Richard Hadfield. While their ex-member went to the red tops with his stories of band woes, the remaining quartet focused on their career and now return with their third studio album.

Hello there! How are you all doing?

We are doing brilliantly thank you! We are so excited about everything that's happening at the minute and we can't wait to do all the amazing things we have planned for this year.

How does it feel to be approaching your first release as a quartet?

It's super exciting! The album is by far the most complex and challenging we've done yet, and we are so proud of it.

How easy has it been adapting to Richard's departure?

Surprisingly not too tough. Obviously, it was a difficult time, but we bended together and became much closer. We've always been a "band of brothers" but there were really tough times in the group, and when we became a quartet everything just seemed right. We hang around outside of work so much more now, and spend a lot less time in our own hotel rooms. It's very special to be touring the world and making music with three other guys who you just love and care for.

Did you contemplate finding a replacement?

The thought did cross our mind but really, there were five members of Collabro that made it magic, and it's equally as magic with the four members we have now. We actually had quite a few famous faces making offers but we wanted to see how we would fare as a quartet. We got together and tried a few things out and it just worked so well. Because we are a four piece and because we have pushed ourselves so far, the harmonies are so much more complex and we now have the ability to let everyone shine individually, but when we come together it's something really special.

Looking to the future, tell us about Journey To The Past...

Journey to the Past is an amazing song from the movie Anastasia - we were researching what we wanted to put on the album and the minute we heard it we knew it was perfect. We really wanted something uplifting where we could really pile on the excitement and the harmonies.

Which song were you most excited to record?

Probably This is the Moment because it was chosen by the fans via an online poll and we wanted to do an amazing job for them! We love them unconditionally - everyone who knows us in the industry knows how much of a special relationship we have with our collaborators and we are proud of that relationship.

How do you decide who records which section of a song?

We have a vocal arranger, Tom Lees, who initially puts down all the harmonies and assigns parts, and then we sit down together in Michael and Jamie's flat and we just chill out, run through songs and start the creative process. It was really amazing actually. Because of past difficulties we've never been able to do that really without it being very arduous and tough. After everything the four of us have been through we just really support each other and want to get the best out of each other - which has led to this album being the best yet!

What did you learn from the first two albums that you applied to the third?

We learned to make our voices heard and work together. The first two albums, whilst we are very proud of them and thankful to Syco for their hard work, were stressful processes and took away a lot of the love we had for the music. This album we took full control, started our own record label and we went out there, hired a team of people and we got to work. Having that control over every decision has been so unbelievably liberating. We know our music, we know our fan base, so we get to decide.

How do your ambitions differ this time to the other two?

All we wanted was to create an album as a four piece that was magical and that showed fans that we can do it - and we have. We can't wait for them to hear it. The record industry isn't what it used to be in terms of record sales, but we are comfortable the album will do well - but it isn't about that for us. It was about making the perfect album and finally getting that Collabro sound into a record, and we have.

We hear you are headed around a series of HMV's when the album comes out. Are you looking forward to meeting a few fans?

Meeting fans is absolutely our favourite thing to do. At the end of the day, everything we do, we do for the fans. They keep us going and that's amazing. We had the opportunity last year to call it a day and we didn't. We decided that we had a fan base dedicated enough to drive Collabro forward and support us at the helm - so meeting them at HMV will be amazing. We love having a chat and signing our CDs.

Are there plans afoot for a set of concerts?

We have a full UK tour at the end of this year which is amazing, we are so excited to sing the whole album for all the fans - but we also have a big album launch night at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square which will be awesome. That's on March 2nd, it's very intimate and we will be singing the whole of the album!

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

We always say Beyoncé, because why not aim high!?