Solide Mirage Bridges a 3 year gap since Francois and the Atlas Mountains released their last album, Piano Ombre. This new body of work, which is to be released March 3rd 2017, is extremely diverse. The album has everything you could want from an alternative band. Similarly to their last LP (Piano Ombre), each and every song is totally different from the last, creating different atmospheres and feelings. Ranging from, a light, airy and catchy sound, to the feeling of being dragged underwater by your feet (in a good way). The British and French group have decided to use only French lyrics and song titles in this album, which is different to their previous albums, which include the odd song or two in English as well. This certainly makes no difference to the quality and superiority of this album.

The band released Grand Dérèglement (great disruption) and Tendre Est l'Âme (tender is the soul)as singles earlier this year. Which are the first two tracks on the Album.Grand Dérèglement, an absolutely superb opening , instantly hooking you in with its Charlatan esque rolling bass line, steady drum beat as the electric guitar gently growls, which is delightfully intense. The song develops into a much less intense, almost oriental sounding riff that is repeated throughout, as the arrangement never fails to surprise you. Even though, as you listen to it, you wouldn't want it any other way. Tendre Est l'Âme , surrounds you with it's finger tapping bass line, echoing little ditties that dance around, and counter harmonising bells that echo the main bass hook . Creating an air of stimulation, it stirs with its tender build up. It's definitely a track you'd want to listen to on your headphones so you can hear all the the little bells and whistles that make it up.

As previously mentioned, the album is so varied with a different song for a different occasion, for a different person. 1982 holds a very beautiful acoustic feel - a sort of making breakfast on a Sunday morning ambience. Where as 100 000 000 has a Bonobo meets Passion Pit sound with a reverse, electro under the water cadence. Then there is Apre Apre , a dancey indie track which sounds like its come straight off the soundtrack to channel 4's hit teenage drama series 'Skins', ending with a marvellous elaborate 70's/80's sounding electro outro. The tracks start off so thrilling and towards the end of the album become a lot calmer, evoking a dream like vibe.

Solide Mirage is a great album because of its differentiation, it's a credit to the band's evolution in their music, that they have stayed current, but still remained with their eclectic style.