The lovely Lucy Mason came in to see us at MN HQ in North London (March 16th 2017) for a chat and acoustic session.

Check out the exclusive interview and session below.

In March 2017, dream-pop soloist Lucy Mason will release ‘Going Home Broke’, her heartfelt magnum opus that not only reveals a new side to her songwriting but her subject matter too. The five gloriously produced Baroque pop tracks each tell a different story and whilst ethereal synth are allowed to wash over delicate keys, it’s Masons enchanting vocals that invite you into her world of honesty and heartache.

The five sublimely elegant tracks on ‘Going Home Broke’ were produced by a variety of people from around the world including the celebrated Ed Tullett (Hunger) and Jess Ellen in London (Feels likeMidnight, Going Home Broke), Nik Karlin in Australia (Teenage Fire) and Andy Mak in LA (Latest Love).

Singer songwriter Lucy Mason has joined the ranks of artists collaborating with KitSound to capture the imagination of thousands of people across the world with their #MusicBringsUsTogether campaign, to bring emerging artists to the foreground, giving them the chance to reach a new audience.

Hailing from Australia, Lucy Mason has astonished many with her powerful and emotion-drenched vocals. Her first EP ‘Going Home Broke’ will be released on March 31st 2017.

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