There really is an awful lot of good about this album.

Taking their cues from the best of the indie scene they seem to cross genres but their songs really have a lift and heart-lifting groove.

The music goes through changes – it feels as though this was recorded over quite a while – between the exquisite blast of anger filled horns of ‘Cold November Sunrise’ to more poppy and balladic ‘She’s Got Love’, but the vocals – harmonies between Morrissey & Marshall -are consistent and give a strong identity to the music.

One of the features of their music is the building and layering of the music so that it grows into an unstoppable beast – a perfect example is ‘Stand Down’ which begins slowly and then has the band and all the effects added, moment by moment, until the final moments are breathtaking in their impact.

To an extent the songs seem to have been borne of different writers but no track feels like filler and the album generally has some real punch. One I can see myself digging for some time to come.