The Sherlocks debut with an energetic rock album, titled Live for the Moment.

The band from Yorkshire have put together a radio friendly record. Musically, things get off to a big start, with some nice electric guitar refrains and thumping drums. This combination stands out throughout, but particularly in the top half of the LP.
Although there’s nothing to complexed, the musicianship makes for an enjoyable experience and supports the lyrics well.

A lot of Live for the Moment’s lyrical content focuses on the triumphs and struggles of life and love. The opener ‘Will You Be There?’ appears to take on the annoying know it all types, that happily tell you what you should have done before not having the requisite smarts to lend a hand when the chips are down. The title track’s sentiment lives up to its name, and ‘Chasing Shadows’ is a well worded and relatable take on escaping the fast-paced rat race, with a drunken night on the town.

In perhaps the album’s best track ‘Turn the Clock’, the singer pragmatically reflects on an ended relationship despite his former beau’s efforts to rekindle it. In a welcome change from much of the album, the song is a slower paced, more reflective piece. Instead of being bitter, the lyrics strive for a softer if frank tone.

Kiaran Crook Sings:

“Ain’t it funny how we ended up like this, finished on good terms but I know you wish we could put it all behind, proofs in your texts but I never reply. No I don’t Wanna talk today, what more can I possibly say to drill it into your head than the things I’ve already said 10 times before?”

For the hard-core fans, many of these songs won’t be anything new. Seven Of the 12 songs have already hit the ITunes Store. It’s been a long road for the group’s freshman release. The foursome’s title single was available all the way back in 2014.

Live for the Moment is a strong first outing for The Sherlocks, who bring an enjoyable sound and some strong lyrics along the way.