Last Friday night, September 29, Tom Walker lit up Radio City Music Hall in New York City on his first US tour with Irish rock/pop band, The Script. Tom Walker’s powerful voice filled the iconic venue with his rock and slightly pop-infused sound. The Manchester native is currently performing with The Script during the US leg of their Freedom Child Tour. Just his second show on the tour, Tom Walker already knew how to captivate the crowd. He will be performing with The Script across the US until October 15, and then will start his UK tour in November.

Although I had not previously heard most of Tom Walker’s songs, I really enjoyed listening to his live performance - a seasoned singer, his strong voice fit both high-energy rock songs as well as some mellower soft rock/pop tunes. The mix of songs performed was perfect, as everyone found a favorite. Personally, I really enjoyed “Karma” the most, with its infectious tune and indie rock feel. Another song Tom Walker performed was “Just You and I” - a definite crowd pleaser. The audience came alive during this song (which has over 27 million streams on Spotify). I was not surprised, however, by the great reaction from the crowd as the mellow rock pop song is so infectious with very romantic lyrics.

One other song that stuck out to me was “Heartland.” Tom Walker’s newest single, this song had a great beat and shows promise for the singer’s future success. The rock melody combined with Tom’s voice screams potential in the rock/pop space. Lastly, I really enjoyed when Tom Walker leaned into his mellower-rock-with-a-hint-of-reggae side during his “Blessings” performance. Perfect for a chill hang out or rainy Sunday, the slower paced song highlighted Tom’s vocal ability and was stuck in my head for days.

While I had only heard a few songs of Tom Walker’s before last Friday’s performance, I now have at least 5 of his songs at the top of my Spotify playlist. If you're looking for new music in the mellow rock/indie rock and slightly reggae genre, I would definitely recommend this artist. He will be touring the US in October and then heading home for his U.K. tour starting in November.

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