London based experimental band Clinker produce their most complete work yet with their stunning L.P `Thru` the Fly Machine`

It kicks off with a high energized and synthesized bang with the anthemic `Searching for the New World`. A song that could make the most awkward person in a club girate like a giraffe on a wet marble floor. The lush production just gets bigger and bigger as the song progresses with mantra like lyric s of hope and discovery. This song is an instant classic and makes you demand to hear more. Next up is, `Music Gives You Power` which takes you into a dream-like state and is the perfect mellow foil to the albums banging opener and takes you nicely into the summer drinking anthem that is `Lets Go Out and Get Fucked` . Its nursery-rhyme style lyrics and catchier than swine flu chorus has a simple yet effective message. It conjures up images of the hottest day of the year with your favourite beer garden and chosen family. Recovering alcoholics should possibly avoid this one.

The album then takes another twist with `Hold Out Your Fists` which reminds me of a Beta Band song I cant quite place then onto another highlight `The Line` which kicks in with grungey, Distorted guitars that dim only momentarily for some atmospheric spoken word poetry then kicks back in to a beautiful loud noise with a chorus that will be embedded in your brain for days. `Painted Red` is next up which slows the pace right down and comes with a Syd Barret type element before `Mire` takes it right back up to notch 11 with downright dark and dirty guitars with dulcet punk style vocals.

`Long Way Round` is a reflective song that Richard Ashcroft wishes he had thought of and features top class singing and expert piano riffs before `Hallucination Generation` takes you to some sort of Hippie Grunge b-movie. The chant of `Medication for the soul` combines well with samples from films and genius psycadelic guitar riffage. The final three tracks are epic with sweeping chord progressions and the final song especially `So We Say` is a beautiful, Haunting and fitting end to a perfect album. The harmonising between Pete and Tomoko is a joy to listen to and as the song rings out your aware you have just been listening to a complete gem of a piece. Every song pulls you in different directions and yet it somehow retains a sense of unity.

You can download this album for free from the link below along with the re-mix album and the entire Clinker back catalogue. Well, What are you waiting for? You wont be dissapointed.