You can hear the influences that shape Argonaut in their sound – Hole, Garbage and Sonic Youth definitely – but they aren’t slaves to those influences; this is music of a very high standard and it isn’t surprising that they were snapped up last year by Criminal,

Lorna Lyons, lead vocals and fashionista, has a remarkable voice; she sounds like a cockney waif with a serious attitude problem but her voice fits perfectly with the combination of electrica and toe-gazing rock that emanates from the band.
Opening track ‘Monet’ is released shortly as a single and as a taster for the album it works great, pitching Lorna’s vocal into the dead space between the band and the ears. The guitar seems to have its own groove to follow but the bass and drums anchor it all and the result is arresting.
‘2 Lights’ is probably my favourite track here – powerful guitar behind the vocals and exploding into a furious fuzz at the break.

The album was created through Pledge Music and the band are active both as a live act and as activists on behalf of Peta all of which suggests that they are properly plugged in to today’s scene; catch them now before they really take off.

Argonaut - More Life on MUZU.TV.