Swedish outfit Here is your Temple’s debut EP is interesting. Opening track - and first single – So High is a metronomic, bass heavy march, underpinning the synths and Emily McWilliams slightly disembodied voice. This is then followed by Once Rich that still has that pulsing drive to it though overall this has much more of a pop leaning.

Say Hey is mainly acoustic, taking on a distinctly oceanic air as it progressess and builds to its climax. Big Way throws things a bit with its distorted vocals, one-finger keyboards and flecks of guitar. The EP closes with the rippling Daniel, a sombre song that drifts for much of its length before picking up the pace and that bass comes in, again.

The production is big and glossy, to say the least, and there could have been a danger that this came out as little more than calculated studio experiment. But there’s a palpable humanity about the EP that engages the listener, and ensures that this isn’t just an exercise in musical soundscapes and dynamics.