A fortuitous title as this writer did fall Hook Line and Sinker for this new EP (packaged with his 2012 album On the Waggon) from Matt Woosey. Woosey has been plying his trade for some time now and has been steadily building his reputation as a live performer, through extensive touring, and as a consummate blues artist.

The title track hits the nail right on the head; a straightforward ambulating riff that’s immediately familiar but sounds fresh and contemporary thanks to his guitar playing and a rich, powerful voice, that just grabs you by the lapels. Let it Flow continues in a similar vein, though with a distinctly funkier edge.

Could you be the one? is the sort of song that should bring a smile to anyone’s face, with its sauntering soulful good time vibe. The title, Give me all your love, Babe, should give seasoned listeners a hint as to what this sounds like. So, while it is straight out of the Led Zeppelin folky/acoustic catalogue, it’s still a damn fine song with some wonderfully subtle guitar playing.

This EP as an introduction to Matt Woosey’s music is perfect: it showcases his skill on the guitar, and his remarkable voice. It also displays his versatility as a songwriter, going from blues, through funk to folk and the apparent ease with which he handles these genres. That's hard work for you and this is highly recommended.