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Pete Brown

The Not Forgotten Association
If you are after background, forget it but if you are prepared to invest the energy needed to fully understand his vision and meaning it will be well worth the effort. Read more...

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This Oceanic Feeling

Universal Mind
It is a fine album, flawed but the musicianship is clear and the songs are strong. Read more...


Jared James Nichols

Old Glory and the Wild Revival
There is a lot about this album that I really – and I mean REALLY – like. I really like: power Blues and his guitar has so much attack and punch..... Read more...


Canned Heat

Songs From The Road
The latest in the award winning ‘From The Road’ series from Ruf and this one is a celebration of 50 years of Canned Heat. Read more...

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John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon

Stone Cold Sober
The first thing that strikes you about this album is the terrific sense of fun and enjoyment of the music that they are creating. Read more...


Various artists

Jazz On A Summer's Day
The movie is gorgeous, shot at Newport Rhode Island while the Americas Cup was being contested and features as much audience reaction to the music being played ... Read more...


Procol Harum

Procol Harum, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home
....they were a massively successful and ground breaking band and over these four albums there are gems aplenty and music that was original and could only have ... Read more...


The Brainiac 5

Exploding Univers
Brainiac 5 sit in many camps but they are true to their origins in the ‘70’s Cornish scene and mix elements of punk, psych, rock and something that is definitel... Read more...


Sarah MacDougall

Grand Canyon
She has a sound that is definably her own but the music has its roots in many different places and you definitely sense this is a full grown album, working on m... Read more...


Mark Morriss

The Taste of Mark Morriss
It’s probably better to remove this album from the sphere of The Bluetones reunion and judge it on its own merit. Read more...



Film Rewiew
Can you feel it? At last, the essence of house music is captured on celluloid. Read more...


Theo Travis' Double Talk

This is a great album and an important one. It comes at a time when less and less music of real worth is hitting the mainstream and it delivers music on many, m... Read more...


Joe Satriani

Shockwave Supernova
That Joe Satriani is a guitar virtuoso is clear. That he has command of his instrument like no-one else in the world is pretty clear also but he is also a maste... Read more...


The Mentulls

This is an album that is easy to love, comfortable and familiar in many ways but which still possesses enough originality and complexity to make the listener th... Read more...


The Rolling Stones

From The Vault: Live @ The Marquee Club 1971
In 1971, before the overblown stage sets and oxygen tents backstage, before the Stones were a tribute to their past with no hope for the future, The Rolling Sto... Read more...


The Who

The Who: Live At Shea Stadium 1982
The Whos 1982 Shea Stadium residency finally sees the light of day! Read more...


Bay City Rollers

Voxx / Richochet (Album Reissues)
Reissues from Seventies boy-band, after their heyday.

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Bucks Fizz, The Definitive Editions

Bucks Fizz, Are You Ready, Hand Cut, I Hear Talk
Reissue of four albums from 1980s Eurovision winners.


Eoin Glackin

Eoin Glackin
Sometimes it just has to be said, however lazy it might appear. This writer could witter on about solid songs, punchy choruses etc. Read more...



Blind Faith
Dark and moody Wonderful Life singer releases 11th studio album. Since the early 1980s Colin Vearncombe has released several classy albums Read more...


The Ugly Guys

Still Twenty-Five In Your Head
Listen to the album and you will know why the The Ugly Guys still rock like 25 years ago! Steeped in American roots music, that ole country twang still r... Read more...


Love & Mercy

Sony Pictures
“I’ve always been a sad person.” For a man given to creating a cluster of pop’s greatest upbeat songs, this is the paradoxical phrase that Brian Wilson has utte... Read more...



Black Dog Bias
Finnish-born and London-based industrial punk rock rebel Anzi (phew, a mouthful already and I haven’t even started with the actual review yet) just relea... Read more...


The Membranes

Dark Matter/Dark Energy
First new album since punk innovators reformed. Although John Robb reformed The Membranes several years ago, this is the first new album Read more...


Moors And McCumber

Classy Americana on fourth album from US duo.


Tyler Edwards

Too Young For Love
A touch of introspection from South Carolina singer. Tyler Edwards says he deals with the best and worst that life has to throw at us by writing music Read more...



Crocodile Tears
If the Greeks – or anyone else for that matter - wants to get away from it all then they could do a lot worse than get hold of Potergeist’s 4th album, Crocodile... Read more...


Richard Thompson

For his new album Richard Thompson brought in Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy to produce, relocated to Chicago and recorded it in nine days. Read more...


Rag Foundation

The Sparrow & The Thief
The Rag Foundation are a five piece based in Swansea and this is their fourth album. Although they draw from a range of influences they are firmly encamped with... Read more...



Blue Moon Juice
With ‘Blue Moon Juice’, Danielz and his T.Rextasy have just released yet another rock-tastic album that is as invigorating and delightful as the t... Read more...

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