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Billy Idol

Kings and Queens of the Underground
There isn’t a bad track here but there are moments when you feel his age. Overall it is a fine return for Idol. Read more...

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Rory Gallagher

Irish Tour ’74 40th Anniversary Edition
For almost any other artist this much would be overkill and for completists only but Rory Gallagher is worth it and this is special. Read more...


Elliott Brood

Work And Love
Toronto three-piece raise the bar on second album. It seems that - apart from a short period of time in the 1990s - the best rock music mostly comes from across... Read more...


The Wands

The Dawn
Danish duo release fuzzy psychedelic debut. Denmark's The Wands are childhood friends Christian Skibdal and Mads Gras and seem to have grown up Read more...

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Re-release for poppy debut of late eighties' US star who caught the eye of Prince. Read more...


The Lovely Electric

Beautiful Filth
The Lovely Electric are Ariane Sherine and Graham Nunn, best friends for many years and now electro-pop/comedy songwriters. You may have come across them a few... Read more...


John Kongos

Most people who remember John Kongos think of thudding beats and a ‘Noddy Holder-esque’ roar of a voice but as this album (his second) proves, there was actuall... Read more...


Jimmy Barnes

Damn it’s good to hear a proper rock singer again – welcome back Jimmy Barnes! Read more...


Flying Colours

Second Nature
It almost goes without saying that the playing all through the album is faultless but they also achieve a sense of playing as a band rather than just great musi... Read more...


Steve Hillage

Live at Rockpalast
Another one of the excellent CD/DVD issues from the Rockpalast shows of the seventies, this one catches Brit-psych legend Steve Hillage at his creative peak. Read more...


Ben Poole

Live at the Royal Albert Hall
A real talent, confident and skilled and with a sound that is fresh and rare today. Read more...



Released on October 6th is {at-mos-fear}, the debut beat-tape from London based producer/artist, Naldo, a part of the up and coming DopexBroke collective. Read more...


Jimi Hendrix

Rainbow Bridge/The Cry of Love
Two posthumous Jimi Hendrix's records see the light of day again. Read more...


Like Swimming

Like swimming? Or do you prefer sitting next to roaring fire in a plaid shirt and a woolie hat listening to the Scandinavian talents of Lykke Li and Team Me? I... Read more...


Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets
First album in 20 years from former Madchester boys. Since their moment at the start of the 1990s, Inspiral Carpets have reformed once or twice - but this is th... Read more...


Siouxsie & The Banshees

Through The Looking Glass, Peepshow, The Rapture, Superstition
Last four albums from punk/new wave pioneers.


Buster Shuffle

Some newcomers looking at Buster Shuffle’s promo photos and listening to the opening track of their new album Naked, may make an instant judgement. Read more...

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THe Ghost Wolves

Man, Woman, Beast
Carley and Jonathan Wolf (sic) are The Ghost Wolves, are a duo from Austin, Texas who play primal garage rock with only a few drums and a guitar. Ho-hum another... Read more...


Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story

Now in its 22nd year, Raindance Film Festival is Europe’s leading independent Film Festival showcasing feature films, shorts and documentaries Read more...


Wille & The Bandits

Live at Gouvy
At the moment this album is only available at a Wille & The Bandits gig so make your way to see them if this is to your tastes. Read more...



Losing Ground
Hailing from London, Rococo formed in the 70’s as a progressive alt-rock band, before re-forming in the 21st century (sans original member John ‘Rhino’ E... Read more...


Kris Kristofferson

An Evening with Kris Kristofferson
Including a mix of his latest critically acclaimed studio album ‘Feeling Mortal’ as well as a selection of his classic American songs – this intimate live recor... Read more...


Manny Charlton

Sharp/Sharp Re-loaded
Most notable for being a founder member as well as being the lead guitarist for Scottish hard-rockers Nazareth, Manny Charlton has been around so ... Read more...


The Subways interview

Billy Lunn, Charlotte Cooper
The Subways have their fourth studio album “The Subways“ released on 9th February 2015 and have a full UK headline tour in March 2015. Read more...


Death From Above 1979

Life After Death From Above 1979
Ever wanted to know what happened to Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 10 years ago? Life After...holds all the answers. Read more...



Don't Take It Personally
Turin based Niagara is a collaboration between David Tomat and Gabrielle Ottino, artists and producers. This is their second album and while the band may say t... Read more...


Wishbone Ash

Bare Bones
Honesty is always refreshing and Andy Powell is to the core when he says in his excellent interview on the second disc of this package, that Bare Bones was reco... Read more...


Morning Parade

Pure Adulterated Joy
This album, Morning Parade’s second, didn’t impress very much the first time. It all sounded too familiar, bombastic, over blown and cold. Read more...


Erja Lyytinen

The Sky is Crying
Erja Lyytinen is one of a rare breed – she plays guitar brilliantly and manages to sing in her own voice without just mangling ‘Americanese’. Read more...



Protein for Everyone
There are wistful elements to the music that bring a smile to your face as well as an occasional ‘edge’ that wakes you up and makes you look again at what is go... Read more...

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