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Reanimated Memories
A new album from Man is, and should be, something rather special. They seem to have been around since the dawn of time and the lineups and changes over the years have Read more...

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The Quireboys

St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul
The way things are going with them Boys, one cannot help but assume that The Quireboys must be one of the most prolific rock bands around Read more...


The Dreaming Spires

Searching for the Supertruth
Robin and Joe Bennett have quite a complicated pedigree. They’ve played with the likes of Goldrush, toured with Mark Gardner of Ride and collaborated with ever... Read more...


Sanguine Hum

Now We Have Light
Sanguine Hum’s last album ‘Weight of the World’ was a very worthy 5 star effort but this release calls the marking system into question because ‘Now We Have Lig... Read more...

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Asleep at the Wheel

Still the King: Celebrating the music of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
This is a curious collection dedicated to Bob Wills who is considered the “King of Western Swing”. Read more...


Peterik / Scherer

Risk Everything
When Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jim Peterik and singer Marc Scherer joined forces to create the ultimate album to showcase the latter’s incredible vocal ta... Read more...


Natas Loves You

The 8th Continent
Natas Loves You (let them explain the rather awkward band name come future interviews) release their first album ‘The 8th Continent’ Read more...


Joe Bonamassa

Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks
JB has put on a show that does tribute to two of the masters while saying loudly that he is worthy of playing this music – not hubris, talent. Read more...



By Absence Of The Sun
Could a tsunami in any context ever be called beautiful? Well if it can then Triggerfinger’s new album could be described a beautiful tsunami of riffs, rhythms... Read more...


Ethan Ash

Face To Face
The singer-songwriter doesn’t really venture out, and his lyrics don’t really take flights of fancy. Ash’ new EP, Face To Face, however, possesses some kind of ... Read more...



Hungry Ghosts
Quirky American alternative rock group Ok GO have been around for the better part of seventeen years now, and in that time they have made a Grammy award-winning... Read more...



Semi Detached
Half of eighties duo deliver fifth album. When you have the likes of Future Islands and La Roux plundering the eighties so blatantly, Read more...


Jimmy Somerville

Former Bronski Beat and Communards singer pays tribute to 70s disco. Read more...



Coded Languages - Live at Hammersmith Odeon November 1982
This was one of the great periods for Hawkwind and it is finally properly covered in a brilliant release that works on almost every level. Read more...


Stephen Dale Petit

At High Voltage 2010
... important: it showed that classic Blues and Rock & Roll didn’t have to feel sanitised or bland and it captured a hot band on a perfect night. Read more...


Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Chasing Yesterday
Second solo album from Noel Gallagher reassures and surprises in equal measure. Read more...


Liz Graham

Charcoal on a Canvas
Charcoal on a Canvas is a lively love song about wanting to explore a relationship using sketch art as a metaphor for intimacy. Conveying such a sombre subject,... Read more...

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Mad Dog Mcrea

Almost Home
Mad Dog Mcrea have a humungous reputation as a party band and after show revellers but you have to deliver music as well and ‘Almost Home’ definitely hits the s... Read more...


The Subways

The Subways
There’s a lot to be said for getting straight to the point: it’s quick, leaves little room for doubt. Read more...


Sir Cadian Rhythm

Sir Cadian Rhythm EP
Sir Cadian Rhythm see themselves as the personification of the biological process – or at least the musical equivalent such. Whether the Long Island band’s prod... Read more...


Taylor Locke

Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still is Taylor Locke’s solo effort, and what a little marvel it is! With its irresistible blend of Americana, classic rock and catchy... Read more...


Joe Jammer

Welcome to the fascinating world of Joe Jammer – the bona fide musician who owes his career almost entirely to Led Zeppelin, his nickname to Zep’s... Read more...



Fyfe is the new musical project hailing from the now defunct but moderately successful (2010-2013), David Lyre, the genesis of both coming from Read more...


The Shires

With some live work here, radio spots there, and lots of hard work, slowly, steadily and assuredly UK Country duo The Shires have been building towards the rele... Read more...


Cold War Kids

Hold My Home
In their decade long career, indie rock band Cold War Kids have withstood intense rave and criticism alike. But with their fifth full-length release the Long Be... Read more...


Mutado Pintado

336 W 17th St
Mutado Pintado is not afraid. He is a man who laughs in the face of danger. He has cojones of steel and is probably slightly unhinged - These are all conclusion... Read more...


Van Der Graaf Generator

Merlin Atmos
this album probably shows them at their best for many years. A wonderful addition to the VDGG canon. Read more...


Monique Angele

Monique Angele
Crumbs, this is a curious collection of songs. Dominated by Canadian songstress Monique Angele’s extraordinary voice, this ranges from borderline opera to more ... Read more...


Ian Siegal

One Night In Amsterdam
... it is a brilliant album that bears repeated listening and doesn’t have a weak track on it. Siegal is a master onstage and this album shows another facet of ... Read more...



The Game of Ouroboros
This is the most ‘conventional ‘ prog album I’ve had yet from the jolly chaps at Generation Prog and it is one of the better albums I’ve heard recently. Read more...

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