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The BBC of the music industry, created for and run by music lovers.

Music-News.com is a leading independent publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide music scene, covering a broad spectrum of genres.

Launched in October 2003 Music-News.com is updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and strives to find a light-hearted but informative angle on breaking music news stories.

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Under the Music News umbrella we also have Music News Underground, Music News Italy, Music News Malta, and soon to launch USA, NZ and Latin America.

Having firmly established Music-News.com as one of the webs biggest independent music news sources with over 1,200,000 regular uses, our independent ethos continues as we again pool our collective knowledge base and apply those same values and principles in the film arena with Film-News.co.uk.

Both Music and Film News are formed from a wide ranging collective of writers and journalists sharing a common love of music and film.

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