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Music-News.com is a leading independent publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide music scene.

Launched in October 2003 Music-News.com has a dedicated team of over 250 contributors providing breaking news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Marco Gandolfi is the longstanding editor of Music News and a voting panel member of BRITS and BBC Music Awards, and a BBC News contributor.

Articles from Music News have been re-produced by many newspapers including: The Times, New York Times, The Sun, The Mirror, Independent, Guardian, Metro, Evening Standard and online versions Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Jamaica Observer, Morning News USA, Daily Express, Toronto Metro, The Week, Belfast Telegraph, Daily Mail India, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, Australia Network News, Inquisitr.com, music publications: NME, Rolling Stone, Uncut, MTV, Ultimate Guitar, Ultimate Classic Rock, WNRN, Team Rock, Spin, Planet Rock, Blues Matters, M Magazine, Music Universe, Digital Spy, Gibson, Music Times, Vinyl Factory, Rock Magazine, Boybands, Music Radar, Music Glue and news/entertainment outlets: BBC America, Vogue, TeenVogue, Glamour Magazine, Fashion & Style, Celebbuzz, Celebrity Auction, Parent Herald, The Londonist, The Atlantic, and CineWorld.

Music News Underground actively promotes and discovers new talent and has become a platform to premiere new songs and videos.
Roy Stride lead singer of Scouting For Girls commented “Music News gave Scouting For Girls our first review and it was a good one! A well needed boost right at the start of our career."

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