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Who could say that you never wasted time looking for your car keys, the teddy bear, or an important file? Today, we noticed that 9 out 10 French people are concerned by their lost property. Who are the most scatterbrains? What are the most lost items? Wistiki, the connected device to look after your things with your smartphone, and Ipsos, tried to investigate and understand the result with the Wistiki’s index.

The Millenials loose more their minds

In 2015, we were already noticing that people under 35 years old were more scatterbrains than the eldest. This tendency is increasing this year as the millenials are loosing more than 4 items (vs. 3.7 for the entire population).

Keys, smartphone and clothes are always lost by French people:

 65% of the French people asked in this study, confess that they already lost their keys. This news would
make the locksmiths happy (actually, 10% of the French population already needed their help in 2016)
 59% their phones.
 Et 41% gloves or scarves

They also loose their TV remotes (38%), their bags, wallet and ID (22%).

Loosing your pet can actually happen as 11% confess loosing their cat and 3% their dog!

Stress and work’s lateness

These lost properties shows consequences on French habits: lost keys, lost phone... can stress people: 58% are stressed by these situations vs 53% in 2015. The Wistiki’s index shows the scatterbrainess and the tendency to increase year after year. We can notice anxiety to women and millenials for 63%.

People are also noticing some lateness to work for 35%.

What can you do?

Buy a Wistiki in order to make your items ring and localise them on a map. It has never been that easy to find your belonging back.

To enter just send an email with WISTIKI in the subject line to comps@music-news.com please list your name, EMAIL, home address and telephone number.

It's that simple! Best of luck!

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