Charlie Puth isn't a fan of social media, insisting too many people "rely on it for self-approval".

The One Call Away singer started his career by sharing music on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but he is well aware that people can get too obsessed with the outlets.

Speaking to People at the launch party for his new single Attention, Charlie explained: "We’re in a world of Facebook and Instagram. If you get a ‘like,’ you get this rush of dopamine to your mind. Social media is important, but we should venture out a little bit and not rely on it for self approval."

Charlie added that he doesn't have a problem with people using social media as a whole, but he is keen to encourage fans to alternate between sitting in front of a computer with getting out in the big wide world.

"There is nothing wrong with Instagram,” he said. "It’s a huge reason for my social presence, but it’s also important to counter that with nature walks.

"It’s so important to realise your surroundings. If we’re going on a hike and you’re running around trying to get in shape, smell the air in the nature. You don’t have to always look in your phone. That’s the main thing."

As well as his musical success, Charlie's rumoured relationships with stars including Hailee Steinfeld, Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez have seen him hit the headlines.

But when it comes to balancing his personal and professional lives, Charlie notes that focusing entirely on his work life may have been the reason for former romances coming to an end.

"Maybe at that time, I couldn’t give it all to them because I (was) focused on my career,” he mused. “There are a lot of different takes.”

When the timing is right though, Charlie is up for finding a partner to spend his life with. As for what kind of woman he's looking for, he replied: "Someone who’s cool. I’ll just keep it at that."