David and Victoria Beckham are apparently “fuming” over Morrissey’s insulting remarks.

The British rocker attacked the showbiz couple during a rant to Loaded magazine recently, calling them “insufferable” and saying they should be “flogged”.

The stars have not yet spoken out about the 53-year-old’s random tirade, but are apparently angered by his harsh words.

“[They’re] fuming,” a source told British magazine Star.

“They found it very insulting. It came from nowhere and was totally out of order.”

The former The Smiths frontman re-named Victoria and David “the Peckhams” and went on to accuse them of “chasing” the paparazzi for media attention.

He also expressed fears the couple could be knighted upon their return to the UK from Los Angeles.

Morrissey is known for his outspoken nature and recently slated Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge in another attack.

As well as ranting about Catherine’s hospitalisation for severe morning sickness during her pregnancy, he suggested all the royals should “resign or retire” and labelled them “very sad”.

The singer is a vegetarian and has also hit out at British Prime Minister David Cameron in the past over his views on hunting.