Michael Bublé is letting his wife choose their first child’s name because she has to do “all the heavy lifting”.

The Canadian singer’s spouse Luisana Lopilato is due to give birth to a son later this summer. Although Michael has some ideas for names, he is happy to let the Argentine model-and-actress choose her favourite moniker to make up for going through labour.

“I like city names, like London. Girls’ names are easy, but we are not having a girl. So now it’s a fight actually. She wants it to be a name that is Spanish, Jose, Hector, Jesus… and there was a name I really liked and she liked it for about two days then she said, ‘I don’t like it anymore,'” he said in an interview with UK TV show Daybreak. “I figure if she is going to do all the heavy lifting then she can have first dibs on a name.”

Michael is currently promoting his new album To Be Loved and has also recorded a duet with Robbie Williams, for the British singer’s next swing record.

Robbie became a father for the first time in September last year, when his wife Ayda Field gave birth to daughter Theodora Rose.

Michael and Robbie spent a lot of time discussing parenthood while working on the song, which is believed to be about UFOs.

“We have been talking about babies, you know, having babies and going on tour, how much it completes us in a way,” Michael smiled. “I guess for everybody it’s massive, but I wanted it so badly. This is the best thing ever for me."

Michael wants his son to have an understanding about his heritage. The family will split their time between Canada and Argentina and Michael is determined his child will be bi-lingual.

“He’ll be born in Vancouver and raised in Argentina and Vancouver,” Michael explained to British newspaper The Telegraph. “Mom will only speak Spanish and Dad will only speak English. I am a proud Canadian of Italian heritage and he will have all these heritages.”

Michael's life has changed a lot since he met Luisana in 2009. The 37-year-old singer admits to partying a great deal in the past, but he has calmed down since falling for the blonde beauty.

Michael – who famously split from actress Emily Blunt in 2008 - is grateful for the positive impact Luisana has had on his life.

“You are who you hang out with and my wife doesn’t drink and is very healthy. But four years ago I was tiny, so tiny when I went through the break-up. I was drinking every day, doing nothing, smoking cigarettes and I was really skinny. But I wasn’t healthy skinny, I was heart-attack skinny,” he admitted. “I’m the kind who if I drink I lose my appetite, boom, and if I have a bite to eat I don’t want to drink, I feel full. And I don’t do one drink. I’m like Barney from The Simpsons – once it begins it begins.”