Snoop Lion used to feel it was better to be caught with a gun than without one.

The rapper - formally known as Snoop Dogg - has transformed his image recently and is now a reggae artist rather than a rap star. He has also got involved with an initiative which aims to get guns off the streets of America.

It's a topic he's passionate about and somewhere he thinks he can really make a difference, given the changes he's made in his own life.

"I come from that, where I used to feel it was better to be caught with than without [a gun]," he told Access Hollywood at last night's MTV Movie Awards. "As I've become an older person in the world I realise guns are very terrible. It's good to protect yourself and to have in those situations, but I'm talking about those who don't know how to handle them. People who have them and don't know why they have them, just use them for unnecessary reasons - I'm talking to those people."

Snoop has recorded a track with his daughter Cori B and Drake called No Guns Allowed. It's from his upcoming record Reincarnated, which showcases his new musical vibe.

"What's important to me is that I speak to the people. I always make party records and I don't want a party record, I want to speak to what's going on in the world and that's a lot of violence with guns," he explained.

Much was made of Snoop's interest in reggae when his new album was announced. He is making moves toward Rastafarianism, although he wouldn't say he is all the way there yet. It's a way of life the star feels people should be dedicated to and isn't something which can be taken on quickly.

"I think it's slowly but surely becoming a part of who I am. It's not something you can become overnight. It has to take full control of who you are, your spirituality your mind, body and soul and I'm glad to be a part of it," he said, before being asked if he wants people to call him a Rastafarian.

"I'm going to tell you to refer to me as peace, because that's what I come as. No matter what you classify me as, I just come in peace."