I wasn’t sure of this first time through but it grew on me rapidly and in the end I was dancing around the room like a much younger man (oh, my poor knees).

A lot of this is superior Blues with a rock edge and there is no question that they can play and equally that they work together as a band. Henry Garrett may be the lead singer but the band as a whole make this all work.

They kick off with ’69 Chevy’ which has the feel and tone of a late 50’s rock & roll track but I really started getting into it when it kicked into ‘Butter Me Up’ when the funky groove and wicked guitar made their presence felt. These guys really can tear it up and between guest Jan Ingram’s sexy vocals and Michael Robertson’s bass it really is one of those tracks you can’t sit still to. Jeff Gring’s guitar and George Lambert’s funky drums made the number cook on all levels.

I really enjoyed ‘Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me another Drink’ with its ZZ Top influenced burning groove – Lambert says of it "Classic rock tune about a guy who drinks way too much and does nothing about it but complains.". In some ways the vocals reminded me of Handsome Dick Manitoba (Dictators).

There is also a stunning slow Blues in ‘Patience’ – again to quote Lambert "A 6/8, slow blues tune about a guy who loves his girl and wants to get at her quickly, but she has different ideas about just how long things should take."

They include a live track here as well ‘Money Ain’t My Friend’ and they definitely have ‘it’ as a live band.

Very easy to listen to and they seem to outstrip their limitations and make a damn fine noise. This one will be on the regular rotation for a while methinks.