Over the last decade Ruarri Joseph has established himself as one of Atlantic Records most intriguing and versatile signings. However having released his last solo record nearly half a decade ago, many wondered what had become of the skilled songsmith. Earlier this year all was revealed as he announced his return as part of Cornish trio William The Conqueror. The folk driven trio have been met with critical applause for the slow trickle of singles they have released to tease the arrival of their debut album, Proud Disturber Of The Peace. With a versatility to their sound already evident, does the 10 song collection meet up with the wants of an audience who have been waiting for a new Ruarri release for so many years.

Although they have been labelled folk by many, the truth of the matter is that Proud Disturber Of The Peace demonstrates that William The Conquerer are an act that defy the need for genre classification. This is an eclectic, anthemic release that will have you hooked regarless of the genre you most ardently lean on. At the end of the day good music is good music, it does not matter what label it has been given.

A gritty and raw collecion, Proud Disturber Of The Peace garners its power from its unrepentant emotional drive that will see the group filed alongside some of the greatest storytellers in today's music world - from label mate' Sturgill Simpson to Margo Price and Mo Pitney.

What is most notable about the collection is that while each song has its own story to tell, the collection is delivered with an unrelenting energy that takes you on a very different journey to the one told by the intriguing lyrics. Our advice, open your heart and free your hips and let the journey take control.

Although the album is not without highs and lows, most notably the show-stealing In My Dreams’ and romp Did You Wrong as stand-out moments, this is a collection that is best devoured whole and on repeat.