The night was for a good cause and made even better for the fact that an ecclectic bunch of musicans gave up their time and efforts to offer the crowd a night of live music that offered something for everyone.

First up was Roscoe Vacant - an acoustic punk rocker who got the crowd going with some thigh slapping, Head bangin Celtic Rock. Politically charged lyrically and proved he was an extremly gifted guitarist. It was a fine way to begin the night as the crowd lapped up the feel-good atmosphere and his pleasant onstage prescence. He was a complete natural at everything he did and set the night up perfectly. To his credit, he played a huge part in organising the gig and you can check out his music on

Next up, It was The Girobabies ( who swapped styles and band members throughout an entertaining and original set. They started with a lo-fi version of `Bank charge` before the introduction of the incredibly talented Jess Hopkins on fiddle to play along to the epic `Stalker Drama` followed by a Nick cave-esque `Nightmare`. Some dark humour mixed with fantastic musicianship was apparent throughout the set before they lightened the mood with a `happy song` about Puppies, Rainbows and Flowers (With the lead singer and guitarist even wearing fake moustaches and beards) and finishing with their controversial, Sing-a-long anthem `Jeremy Kyle`. The set proved that one original poet and a handful of exceptionally skilled musicans have made The Girobabies a band to definitely to look out for.

Dave Hughes and his Renegade Folk Punk band were next up and they played an acoustic set of angry folk music somewhere between Dylan and The Pogues which was well recieved and they looked in great shape for their upcoming tour. They played as a 3 piece that had the sound of something much bigger and greater. Dave Hughes was flawless vocally and played the harmonica and guitar effortlessly like a man way beyond his years. For more information on the upcoming UK tour and for free downloads go to

The grand finale, And the night, belonged to Hugh Reed. He gained cult status in the 90s during his Velevet Underpants band with songs such as `Car Nicked`, `Irn Bru` and `Technodrugs` and without doubt he was on fire tonight. Climbing over audience members, wrapping them in cellotape and covering them in Irn-Bru (Both the cans and the liquid). Not that any members of the crowd cared. They sung-a-long, cheered and chanted his name throughout what must of been a tiring set as Hugh rattled through a high energy powered set that featured props such as police hats and toilet seats.

Hugh has came back on the scene after creating a new cult following in China of all places. The man combines humour with outright passion for music and leaves you with the feeling that your in a beautiful cross between an early punk moshpit and a comfortable seat at comedy club. Unpredictable and in your face, The highlight was probably a re-working of `Car Nicked` which was changed to `Pint Nicked` which left the crowd wanting more and even led one woman to shout out at the end "This is the best thing bar Libertine has ever seen" Having only been to the place for the first time I cant quite confirm that statement however I cant reccomend the live performance of this man enough. I can only sum it up by saying with venom GO SEE HUGH REED!

A great night at a great venue and hundreds of pounds were raised for Scottish Cancer Support so all in all, A job well done for everyone concerned and this gets a rare 5 stars due to the music, Atmosphere and the cause it was arranged for.

For more information on this charity and all the superb work it does go to