Jess Morgan is described as ‘an underground folk artist’ by her record label, but support slots with Paper Aeroplanes, Ellen and the Escapades, Teddy Thompson and First Aid Kit have marked her as anything but a stranger on the contemporary folk scene. Her new EP ‘Richer Thinner Smarter’ is a follow up from second album ‘Aye Me’, and is a release set to further ground her in the genre.

‘Richer Thinner Smarter’ was recorded through a single microphone in various locations of Morgan’s hometown Norwich. You can hear the raw and demo-like quality shine through because of this, meaning it’s a bit shakey at points. The clear benefit however, of recording like this, is that every quiver of emotion can be heard and every word alongside her truly felt.

Morgan has a very quiet and whispery voice; it’s almost at times like she is holding back and not really hitting notes she quite clearly is capable of. Nevertheless Morgan has a lovely folk voice, and as she vocally dances through the 7 track EP, it’s hard not to see the enchanting and mystical softness in her tone.

‘Richer Thinner Smarter’ is a brave step for folk artist Jess Morgan; there is no room for alterations or adding extras when your EP is recorded through just one microphone. The release sees her songwriting and singing laid bare, grinding a vulnerable trademark into her sound. She may not be on the same level as Teddy Thompson or First Aid Kit quite yet, but the new EP is a step in the right direction for now.